Our team of specialist installer are well trained to install laminate, vinyl, hardwood, SPC and engineered wood flooring as well as WPC and timber decking.   

– For most of the works, it can be completed within a single day!



Laminate | Vinyl |SPC | Hardwood | WPC | Timber
Waterborne Finishes | Solvent-based Polyurethane

Sanding and varnishing

Our experienced and proficient workers that are meticulous with their work will ensure that every corners and edges of the space are properly grind and varnish.  

– Most popular sheen level: Satin finish (35~40% lustre)

– Stylish choice of wood stain: Walnut and Ebony colour

repair works

No job is too small for us, and we are dedicated  to resolve any of your flooring issue. Leave the trouble to us and we will fix it for you!

– 70% of the repairs were due to water leakage that impair their hardwood floor. 


Water-damaged | Scratched| Loose Planks
Chengal | Balau | Merbau

timber pergola

Aesthetically pleasing and functional as it creates a definite space for recreation and shelter against the harsh glare of direct sunlight. 

– The roof of the pergola can be left open or to be covered with glass or canopy.  


We provide custom-built platforms including made to size wooden planks for staircase and window-bay.  

Additionally, we also do refurbishment of your beloved wooden furniture.